Y’a pas de lézard.

Look at the true nature of harm itself.
It is as ungraspable as writing on water.
Let resentment vanish of its own accord, 
and as soon as the fiery waves of thought subside, 
let everything become like an empty sky, 
where there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.
– Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Locked-up in a limbo
Locked-up in limbo
About to… what can happen when being very angry and trying to control the anger in order to avoid it from exploding in oneself and / or some other oneself’s face(s). A ‘sweet and frozen’ version of anger, something like having to put up with ice-cream in winter when one has a sore throat and sensitive teeth issue and it has to be ate, just for it to look nice and under control for someone else one is starting to hate, slowly but surely. When the under-controller doesn’t care or show care perceived as authentic (on top of it), it of course gets worse, slowly but surely, and it generally ends up as a ‘no surprise at all’ for anyone involved.

Unless very deluded.

Sometimes, to try to peacefully get messages through by joking or using poetic images isn’t enough for those who don’t want to understand, who think that it’s not for them to understand, or who prefer to understand but let the situation rot, be it because of not knowing what to do or because of plain ill-will. It might not make ‘lizard-faced Buddhas’ watching their flies go by move or give a helping hand. It can be a powerful tool to keep on going and to see things differently. Nevertheless, without mutual understanding, it’s just a form of distraction from the emotions arising for the angry one(s) trying to get a message through. Not a lasting antidote.

As long as nobody dies, sweet and frozen anger ice-cream stories generally aren’t considered as much of a drama, maybe just a joke for some. If someone does and no wished-for-happiness has been shared, or allowed to be shared, then it’s another story. Maybe one of an actual jail, prisoners and jail-keepers, more often non barbed-wired forms of it if so.