No time to waste

‘Be quick!
Cast wide your net of infinite compassion.
Gather into your tender embrace all suffering beings,
whose relentless pursuit of happiness brings nothing but misery and sorrow.’
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse



tear my tears away

inject me with laughter
soothe me with a kiss
and let me go on
a bit smelly
and hidden
but I’m not their dog
when they beat me
and leave me crawling
I’m their necessary king
– they just can’t live without me
I’m their necessary king
and brother in arms
with no watches
– we’ve lost every possible battle.
‘All is ticking over nicely’
as my mother would dream
I just wish it were tickles
and we had a good sleep.
A way to contribute to sending 
someone to a hell realm
is to give reasons to be angry
– but no means to deal with it.
(Nothing like kindness.)
– Is it Mars already?

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