inclusion of voice



Home is something found and lost
                  lost and found
in eyes of love and lovers
in silence and quiet tears
laughter meals screams journeys

It's the way some look at stars
They are but see in Others, or and.
It's being sick and knowing
who cares is true to making happy
and well, and good, and love.
It's flowers in toothbrushes
songs in antenna-like hopes
that vanish in letting go

In arms of hugs
or such a load of fear gone
Home is found and lost
        lost and found
kept alive like a fireplace.
Fine, fine, fine shore, take care.s

Bittersweet when not judging, nearly
Time, slow and fast
Times, good and bad
are dreams of togetherness.

One step back, for space and
Courage to arise in it, to say
Do with patience presence do and say
Let go of the anger that poisons us

The empty in one, rusted prey
gets filled with home horizons
Nightmare gone wearing
step by step and no unfeasible goals

Whims, wings wrinkle and white lines
among the other darker ones on head
Dots ran dangling down the skull and continue
getting old enough for whims, maybe not²
too sure about getting wings if 
it's lies instead of lines.

It was a time when we only saw 
one body, ours
while seeing the world, why seek?
No proselytism, publicity and unfeasible goals
Dreams of togetherness
voiced with quiet years.  






“Sentimental love is very unstable, because it’s based on feed-back and how good it makes you feel. That is not real love at all.”

– Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry)


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