leaving it


Drops gulps to join the once killer - nearly
So the job can be finished or not
Howling the other life on a 4-wheeled siren
The lights are bright but eyes are closing
On a worn-out life that a body can't 
Stand anymore - leaving it
To this 
So the fight can break down
Because of no fighters left

We so much wanted peace and abundance
Angst is to get to none
Storms tear up the ice ribbons
That held it together

A warm wind blows
On the waves
Birds fly over glittering scales
Of a giant jellyfish

Some would go back in time
Others would see dawn
When the night gets too dark
To sleep

Trust no one to love
      but you
Is as sad as one
      that isn't
Anytime hold
Sadness and joy
Part of the game 
To shoot at for some animal world
Sadness and joy are 
Choosers when not choices

The sky goes blue.
It's a good day to walk keep on walking. 



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