So other

Note after walk:

If a teacher (particularly of ‘life’) hurt bad, maybe that it could be seen through the lense of walking.

It was in us, one taught the other to walk, closely or from a distance, and we walk.

If the teacher then makes one fall so bad that one doesn’t want to walk anymore, one can either keep on walking anyway or stop. If it’s on purpose, trust is ditched but one can still thank the teacher for having taught to walk and walk on, forgive it out of past and present goodness, and do our best not to make others fall.

The capacity to walk was anyway in us from the start so good or bad, enjoy the walks.

For those of us who could never have been able to walk from the start, breathing (not shallow, not stressed) is an even more powerful illustration. Soothe the bad teaching, and breathe.

– For light hearts in the making (not fake diamonds)



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