eggs and tomatoes

Back to wall, nose to wall. 
A cage. 
So big some became, while caged.
They have the keys.

Eggs and tomatoes 
To throw so angry. 
Breathe. So angry. 
(so angry edge) 
Breathe. So angry. 
In blue pan then,
Eggs and tomatoes 
To feed killjoy ghosts. Before it kills. 

Song to change eggs and tomatoes
(the pain: insane)
Into elderberry trees and a pine tree
(it could be a palm tree too)
From IkigaI.
Song to change singing trees
(no need to howl, how, so angry)
Into breathe-inhale-exhale-inspire-breathe
Before it kills in the mirror.
Killjoy ghosts,
No possible life with you.
Eat your feed happy and leave 
The cage that is not 
The absent key.


Wake up, it's now.



”We do not bother to bring ourselves back to the present because we’re too fascinated by the games the mind is playing. If one genuinely thinks about Renunciation it is not a giving up of external things like money, leaving home or one’s family. That’s easy. Genuine renunciation is giving up our fond thoughts, all our delight in memories, hopes and daydreams, our mental chatter. To renounce that and stay naked in the present, that is renunciation.”

– Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry)



More or less: 
How beautiful 
are the people 
to who...
You only want
to say thanks
for being in my

Attention to present.s

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