belt tunnel



Break the spell 
Ocean sighs
And books are heavy.

Elastic rights,
fits when it suits.
Belt tunnel it's getting dark
fork forgets the fingers
wrist rests and cracks.
Light goes off.

Not sleepy, thinking.
If brain could go off as lights
some would go to bed earlier.
The white walls are ate
by the noise of the thoughts.
1, 2, 3, nearly 4.
Talk about having missed it.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Talk about having taken a wrong
turn in a non show of love.
If only it had been avoided.
1, 2, 3, nearly 4, and still 
present more than 6: relief.
Just moments ago,
6 in November destroyed
and nearly 4 gave hope.
Belt tunnel it's dark now
belly warms not warns
dragonflies and butterflies to see
clearly more clearly.
We could have tried
maybe because of feeling safe.

Break the spell
Ocean sighs
And books are heavy.

You're the Sun.
You're the Moon.
I'm the Moon then
and you're the Sun.
We're none.
We are the light
that goes from Sun
to Moon and more.

"Le pardon est la seule réaction qui ne se borne pas 
à ré-agir mais qui agisse de manière nouvelle et inattendue,
non conditionnée par l'acte qui l'a provoqué, 
et qui par conséquent libère des conséquences de l'acte 
à la fois celui qui pardonne et celui qui a pardonné."

- Hannah Arendt (Condition de l'homme moderne) 


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