The longest night


Brown sand soft on cheek
Not hot or cold, hold on.
Feathers above nostrils go
so pancakes it's the doormat 
that rests, at last: rain.
Scissors chop off the rest 
of the cardboard castle.
It was just a game
under the lamps of stars.
It was another dream
in candlelight shade.
Life can be so easy
ribbons and kites
when lips glow eyes
and eyes see fire
on dunes.
The desert is alive,
and safe.

If you ever change 
another year gone by
in mind and your mind (drums)
you know how to find me, us.
Still not here shaking hands
shaky losing feet feats
but shopping screen-faces 
and love-choc in a farm sights, yes. 
Why the upset holding of bar
tight like in a fight:
it's some dream-sight 
in a cloudy presence.
So madly blocked it's hard to fear
(for) those crazy eyes gone dark loss
I sometimes see, not knowing how real
is the howl felt.
Maybe that it's the keeping 
in mind, trust 
that gives the closed eyes peeling.

Time to make room
for the longest night.


the longest night 1

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