private amnesia

Hours are taking the disused days.
Desolate, not forgotten,
as the black shoes and dress are worn today.
Of all days to be seen carrying the 
pain of rejection, execution
and prepared to do : "anything".
How hard the torn service is,
but no arrow in heart.
Just a rainbow as illusory
as the clouds seen.

The tower, abandoned and disguised
as free, is more like amnesia
privately jumped over again.
No magicians, no fairy tales
in a not suitable for children 
castle of shadows.
Just a rainbow, disused
Disgusted, certainly.

Time flies. Elephant skin.

Another offering for the sick,
getting better as docks smile diamonds
above black shoes.

Walls shout echoes of stories about:
   "We wanted to mess you up,
    managed to mess you up (more), 
    and threw you away like a broken 
    thing that could be picked up 
    by whatever comes along."

Thank goodness it came to an end.


elephant skin



“One sees how people cause so much of their own suffering just because they think that without having these strong emotions they’re not real people. (…) It is very difficult to understand others while still caught up in the turmoil of one’s emotional involvement – because we’re always interpreting others from the standpoint of our own needs.”

– Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry)






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