entitlement to happiness

All worldly pursuits end in sorrow 
 but there is a wife somewhere
 who loves pink petals, cherry,
 and admits to being imperfect
 in ways that make her perfect
 even though she is as absent
 as the rest of the pink petals 
 in winter. 

She is being called 
 in as many truthful and silent ways 
 as peace make it 
 feasible, love being
 the most fearless motor-heart.
Songs of love hold the night tight.

Entitlement to happiness,
say the road and wood steps,
with or without her. 

Same story with:
There is a husband somewhere
 who loves pink petals...


All Worldly Pursuits End In Sorrow


 "To day we love what to morrow we hate;
  To day we seek what to morrow we shun;
  To day we desire what to morrow we fear,
     nay, even tremble at the apprehensions of..."

     - Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe


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