ordinary wait


         - such "warmest wishes" feel like hell -

Gratification has been so low
 the animal in me is going extinct
 while the human struggles away too.
Open inbox, pavlovian doggess.
Open inbox, wait for reply.
Wait for nothing but more unwelcoming lies, 
 if a reply arrives.
So why wait? To let the hope ropes go or death come
 is not much of a sail away party.
Wait for nothing so,
 for ordinary miracles to live.


"Si vous perdez la face, continuez; 
 si vous perdez la tête, arrêtez immédiatement."
       - Madeleine Delbrêl

  (and a useful reminder:) 

   "Blissful within, I don't entertain 
    The notion "I'm suffering" 
    When incessant rain is pouring outside." 

         - Milarepa

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