crispy socks


"Look at the true nature of harm itself. 
   It is as ungraspable as writing on water. 
   Let resentment vanish of its own accord, 
     and as soon as the fiery waves of thought subside, 
     let everything become like an empty sky, 
     where there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose."

                                       - Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche


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 Sadismus budismus.
 Enemy's pain is felt and not wished to be seen. 
 May it not happen, the pain, while looking for light 
  and lands of cruelty not be p.reached and ruled too. 
 Sad.ismus budismus
  is breaking heart.
  This blind wait will end
   up killing. Waiting. Again.
  Unsettled home but loads of time to
   take the measure of hardships.
  Hook in mouth, pleasure-seekers
   forgot the line. 
  Hanging by a ring,
   a promise to be true.
 Voidness of fullness
   fullness of voidness
   - in emptiness? 

  Crispy socks squashed the plates.
  So tired I dream I should sleep
   and sleep while dreaming it.
  Thrown in cold waters
   closeness to paralysis 
   when not swimming.
  Can't remember what was said
   or barely
   just the way it makes me feel. un.aware is giving so much 
   mountains are being climbed.

  Shore. Whole.
   all over again.
  Sea. Winds stroke 
   waves that write on sand
   stories of in.di.visible lands.
  Life expectancy as time in shade
   and sun, at peace
   under the stars. 


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“Forgiveness does not mean we forget. You should remember the negative thing, but because there is a possibility to develop hatred, we mustn’t allow ourselves to be led in that direction – we choose forgiveness.”

– Dalai Lama (in ‘The Book of Joy’)


… “choose forgiveness”. It feels like choosing freedom.



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