“People would like to be able to take a pill that makes their fear and anxiety go away and makes them immediately feel peaceful. This is impossible. One must develop the mind over time and cultivate mental immunity. Often people ask me for the quickest and best solution to a problem. Again, this is impossible. You can have quickest or you can have best solution, but not both. The best solution to our suffering is mental immunity, but it takes time to develop.”

– Dalai Lama (The Book of Joy)




buscando bandera 1



Oceans of illusions
moving movies
not fixing themselves
to anything but the attention
of the dreaming viewer

The director loved
then hated
the viewer loved
then hated
the movie
both gave bad roles
and fed the development
of ‘Best Defense Is Attack’
behind backs and in low
Zig zag down sad
until the viewer stopped
giving the director role
to anyone else but oneself

coming to one whole view

My body is here, my thoughts
are not thoughts
they’re powerless second ones
popping up in dreams
I can’t count anymore

Soothing silence
and waves






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