forgiving moves


“Instead, why did they act in times gone by
That they are now so harmed at others’ hands?
Since everything depends on karma,
Why should I be angry at such things?”

– Shantideva



buscando bandera 1



Soothing silence and waves

Oceans of illusions
moving movies not fixing themselves
to anything but the attention of the dreaming viewer

The director loved then hated the viewer loved then hated the movie.
Both gave good bad roles and fed the development of ‘Best Defense Is Attack’ behind backs in low voices.
Zig zag down sad until the viewer stops giving the director role to anyone else but oneself. 

Soothing silence and waves

When coming to one whole view, body skies of first thought open breathing thoughts that are not thoughts as powerless second ones pop up in dreams we can’t count anymore. 

Soothing silence and waves

If heart forgives, it will live on longer. 



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