not an evolutionary pause, only maybe


Nasutus sis usque licet, sis denique nasus, 
Quantum noluerit ferre rogatus Athlas, [...] 
Non potes in nugas dicere plura meas, 
Ipse ego quam dixi. [...] 

Quelque nez que vous ayez,  
même un nez si gros qu'Atlas n'aurait pas consenti à le porter [...],  
vous ne parviendrez pas à dire pis de mes bagatelles  
que je n'en ai dit moi-même.  

- Martial, Épigrammes, livre XIII, II, chapitre 1


Holidays, resting and discovering. 
Not an evolutionary pause. 
Finding oneself, as a numb-skull.
Then looking for a way to take it easy,
Not to be too hard on oneself, and life. 
Maybe, may be.

numb skull on the shore
numb skull on the shore – what’s with the plastic?


More ‘food for thought’:

Now the purpose of evolution is the survival neither of the fittest nor of the defeatist. Were it the former, we would have to settle for Arnold Schwarzenegger; were it the latter, which ethically is a more sound proposition, we’d have to make do with Woody Allen.

– Joseph Brodsky



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