Les couleurs migrent


à flots

only palm only

Say something


streams and oceans of

Dejar huellas o abrir puertas


open door kept open

o beijo

comet              dreamers’ dream labyrinth

belt tunnel

dejar huellas or abrir puertas

Change and more change, change often being something to look forward to, again and again, while being unsettled if not plainly fearful living it. Memories, impressions, make much of who we are now. Be it happy or unhappy ones, those we’d like to remember or to erase, they’re part of us when in the now. One day it’s this that pops up, the next one we can also choose to be and do something else while still being. Composers of our own lives. Even more so when having the conscious freedom to do so and being able not to forget it.

Talk about a challenge.

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