Is it the way you see hope in eyes or not that makes the eyes open
until diamonds die
(blood dripping on muddy fingers)
under your feet
and glass is all that’s needed.
Preferably broken in the street.

Bare feet didn’t make it.
Nor a madman as he screamed in on/off the bus about his stolen shoes
and had to get down in his socks.

Good leeks and plans leafed,
pale as a mummy bandage with
eyes closed in just a dream go senses go so
kisses are blown from the palm of hands
for you to get better soon.

Lodge wild thing cosy home
in the smile of your nest rest.

No agenda for the comet.
Ongoing it is...

of leaves

"When I see a fellow abusing others,
I think of a man with a basketful of water.
As fast as he can, he runs with it home,
But when he gets there, what's left in the basket?

When I see a man being abused by others,
I think of the leek growing in the garden.
Day after day men pull off the leaves,
But the heart it was born with stays the same."

- Han-shan (Cold Mountain)


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