“Sentimental love is very unstable, because it’s based on feed-back and how good it makes you feel. That is not real love at all.” – Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry)     Missing you like sand misses water and the land’s shores wait for the ocean’s waves I know you’ll be back with brand newContinue reading “departed”

rising sun

Miswanting: “the act of being mistaken about what and how much you will like something in the future” (Tim Wilson & Dan Gilbert) What Our Customers Are Saying It’s when it doesn’t count that it’s worth it. – “Is there time for forever?” Blasted my neurons until Patriarchy gave me a disability allowance form. JustContinue reading “rising sun”

fonte humaine

On demanda à Einstein de prédire quelles armes seraient utilisées lors de la Troisième Guerre mondiale. On m’a rapporté qu’il répondit:

“En admettant qu’une Troisième Guerre mondiale aille jusqu’à la destruction nucléaire, je peux dire que la Quatrième Guerre mondiale sera menée avec des arcs et des flèches.”

– Comte de Mountbatten of Burma (1900 – 1979)