open door kept open


Turtle on its back
Gecko paw comes and goes
Eagle flies, so high
Turtle sits and writes
Belly covered with signs
Read as closely as on a palm
Hand in hand
To drink the last drop
Of seclusion tea
Powerless to see, as blind
Mole digging for worms
Going here and there
Like a crazy chicken

Trees grow silently
Falling nose on ground

Don't mess me up again,
Diamond or no diamond
Stones in shoes and bed, that's all
For now

Trees grow silently
Serendipity is no pity-flower
On grave sent to pray for paint

Half-dead, half-living, surviving
But room in heart for light stays
Exhale, a long one.

A heart landed on my chest
I didn't ask for it
And have no idea what 
To do with such a living pump lump
Please take it back, "anonymous"
And live on

Open door kept open
Room in heart for light stays, please.

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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