Going for the lion

Going for the lion

Wings of Desire
Across the stars
Chemical charge.

Ask - Hot Horse Race
(Watching the Royal Ascot race on TV, stinging stakes - June 2017)

Some Idaho brown-eyed won
Not the queen-a-queen

Banana peeling and a raisin
Wait for birds singing
Under grey skies.
Or maybe an antique. 

Rushes whisper,
While motorbikes roar by,
About a lion in love
With battered horses.

Saviours dive in a useless blush
And walk away
Leaving martyrs to run the show
And die on wheels.

If our hearts were as warm
As our pains
But too hot to warn
If we'd see the stars
Wither in our nights
But too cold to want
The only moon,
"Me" in "us" would feed
The black dog
Eating legs in baths
Of hypocrisy so:
Going for the lion.

Cardboard boxes
This way up


Dedicated to sufferers of auto-immune diseases, to health and long lives.

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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