Muddy Eyes



“What could be more inspiring than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us?”

– Edward O. Wilson




The Papa and the Mama took
a dealer for a lover
taking patience too they were
while the married with children dealer
was hiding poison in the garden
for the Papa and the Mama not to see
the blinded bad-named daughter
trying to get high and not to die.
When the dealer started offering flowers too
the Papa and the Mama saw
the uncomfortable daughter
fly away
at last
they could fire the lover
that was an addicted dealer but
definitely not a lover.
The sick daughter got a phone call from the dealer explaining
what had just happened to him and if she’d said anything
about the drugs to his ex-employers.
She said a true no and the sad dealer hung up
never to call again.
Anyway not a drug addict for the Papa and the Mama
because how could she when she was genetically unbalanced
and already had enough of a bad name in their household?
Thing is she can look into the eyes of
a dealer’s wife and children and say:
“I never took your husband or father from you.
I just took his drugs.”
And that’s about it.

Messed up lives in never-ending messed up
trying to find
firm ground to rely on and
taking patience too in the wells of patience
life in us connecting with life
surrounding us
can take rivers of pains to clear
away our covered eyes during killing times,
before hope shines through.




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