Say Cheeeeeese




Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

– Aristophanes






“Say cheese” group pictures are kind of hard to get done at the moment, so it’s cheese boxes instead.









Full moon dream wasn’t pink,
it was a nightmare.
Cornered in a shop by a hateful bigot
on about having to vote for her teacher
(so sad because of me – what!?)
The eyes felt like revenge was going
to strike insane as
a metal portrait picture of me was
slowly becoming a landscape
and also being battered by
another same-teacher fanatic frantic
nose and mouth covered like thug while
his baseball bat hit hit hit
I woke up shaking with the vibrations of hatred.

a butterfly asks to become a member
of a body of work in limbo

The flowers are pink in the afternoon
and head drops, asleep.
Children play, recover, they are safe.

the dog sleeps now
in the glass ceiling
collateral beauty and thankfulness because
engaging with a tomorrow
like today can’t be



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