border lines



“Borders are about claims to land, but as soon as you draw one you limit yourself. Every border is also an act of denial, an acknowledgment of another’s rights. By contrast, the claim to want no borders, much prized by Business Class executives and anti-capitalist activists alike, is a claim to the whole world. Borders have a far more ambivalent and complex relationship to territory; they combine both arrogance and modesty, both demand and denial.”

– Alastair Bonnett








While some shiver and others give blankets
or take them away, too warm
Sun doesn’t collide with rain dancers
buzzing from one to 2 to tree
soft spots
on the honey way

News gets on my nerves.
Overexposure to hellish edges makes us sick,
not clear and aware.

The stick I carry gets heavier.
Holding on to what isn’t meant to be
takes a lot of energy, too much.

As my knees get closer to the ground
space sees less claims
and the feeling of my limitations resting




border lines






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