“Sentimental love is very unstable, because it’s based on feed-back and how good it makes you feel. That is not real love at all.” – Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry)



Missing you like sand misses water
and the land's shores wait for the ocean's waves
I know you'll be back with brand new clothes 
one fine day of new eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue
I know I'll probably not recognise you at first again
while our light hearts won't have noticed a thing 
as things said you were gone and are back
to see I'm here and going too
in a whirling dance of times and faces

There is a heart where nothing changes as everything
but that is lightly forgotten as the waves dig the shores
and castles rise and fall for us
to rest free, playing
by the shore


“On the seashore of endless worlds, children play.” – Tagore

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Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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