rising sun

Miswanting: “the act of being mistaken about what and how much you will like something in the future” (Tim Wilson & Dan Gilbert) What Our Customers Are Saying It’s when it doesn’t count that it’s worth it. – “Is there time for forever?” Blasted my neurons until Patriarchy gave me a disability allowance form. JustContinue reading “rising sun”

Petrichor, in the air.

The taste of rain  – Why kneel?   Birds singing in the dark – Rainy dawn.   (Jack Kerouac)   Blessures de vie(s) et cette Tendre (post) Vendetta que peut parfois être un moment de vie, ce moment, où l’on devine que les blessures expérimentées sont des histoires de blessés de part et d’autre qui danseront peut-êtreContinue reading “Petrichor, in the air.”