Beinlove, nothing less.


Just a tear away from death.

Reading a newspaper

Stories of the untold
Unnamed unloved
With a candle blowed
Unable to sleep
Burning a bed of poverty
Ready to die is it
Too old anyway.

Keep laughing and dancing
To live it through
Or you'll fall in love again.

Selling candles - Human rights stuff

Student went by
Wanting to buy me a coffee
A book under her arm
And a missed train
Magnolia blossom bright pink
(Bought for her by her sister)
To be lit again anew to perfume her studies.
Of course I said no to the generous young one
But thanked for heart-warming me
With her gesture,
My coin in her hand before
Our coffees came along
And she talked about psychology
Me standing understanding, maybe.
To your health.
(Some specialize in making our days.)

Selling candles - Human rights stuff

Without a chair in the cold
But I'm getting winks, hellos and smiles for free.

No more candles to sell - Candles lit.

Fire-swords, whistles and windy embers
In streets to get out of prison
Thick walls and no letters.

A soft evening, waltzing around a sunlit sky
A dog is still alive today.
Tic tac, not for much longer
A dog is alive today, never mind tic tac.

Keep laughing and dancing
To live it through
Or we'll fall in love again.
Beinlove, nothing less


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Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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