in a non cage

Happy mother’s day(s) to all mothers

– and those who inspire to be caring and to take care!

Mama's Always on Stage 
Words of wisdom should be ways of wisdom 
That's exactly how you must walk 
Life's too short, your mission's too dire 
Nurture another mind before yours expires 
Pass it on, push it along 
Like the brother said it in that one song 
We respect you all the way 
Late, late nights cause your baby slept all day 
But mama's got to stay strong, carry it on 
Hey, mama's on stage

(Arrested Development)
Lioness in Waza Park – Cameroon (many years ago)
Mama Lioness, to be caring and free... but in our palates, not lions.

Those who keep the company
Of tigers, lions, and the crafty fox
I censure - I who dwell in love.
To eat meat is to contravene 
The Dharma, path to liberation.
Those who practice Dharma should refrain from meat,
For eating it they are a source of fear to beings.
To fast from meat - this is the banner of the Noble Beings' victory.

(Shabkar - Food of Bodhisattvas)


Meat... commodities... 
and how will "I" thank and help enough every living being that died 
so "I" could live, celebrate in style and adore?
They're near to countless since we started trying to count them: 
wondering about bones

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