nests in doors rest


Quite a few dreaming of stars, 
flowers, rainbows, 
but one can often read and not have to go too far to find that, 

O que nós vemos das cousas são as cousas - Fernando Pessoa

What matters is to know how to see,
To know how to see without thinking,
To know how to see when seeing
And not think when seeing
Nor see when thinking.


Addressing the undressing of dressed-up hearts
as if it were a cushion
soft and pink
in old house
old home cold 
home warming up
Whole in the window

widows of living 
doors without flowers
but with fears of collapsing
if another mother or father are found
instead of the fleeting one and only
which child will be deprived of a mother or father?

no time and no energy for all

It's feathers lost
While looking for a way to fly

got home OK
the house feels cold and empty
metro is quiet
misty colours and making muscles
keep on walking
taking care
nesting doors
may be dead 

Why scream now that it's too early and late?

high clipping point

No dragons
Enjoying moments on earth.

a nest 
the stable door stayed open all spring

moments on earth


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Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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