Banana Calling The Moon


s-way-s (2017)


Give and take we have
Gave everything I could
Probably for the first time
Not the last unless it's the last

You changing is us
I changing is us
From it's a love story
To it was tenses dense no dance
And some other face showed up
For you and I mirrors

Died a few years ago already
Long yesterday got going alive now
With open eyes on a curtain falls dream
I barely remember while waking up
A lone day went through as sun flying
In shame and stars back home
Not killing today because
There is no killer
Just pain and painkillers
The dead is alive now
And I barely remember 
The dances and burning eyes
In another movie
All I know is that you left it
To forget all
Even you
Blown away
With time
All gone
Like a wave in the ocean
Still there 
Not there
No beginning 
And no end

Down in the pitfalls
There are some honest characters
None want to meet as liars
Down in the pitfalls
There are some moans
Of relief

Blind note how
Not blame or lame
More shame
Bland blend blooming
I jumped out and fell
Out with fellows
Not friends
More so dead non fellows
Alive and burden 

Two bananas and a moon
No apples or calls
Giraffes or elephants
An empty board and a cat on holidays
Under my mother's bed asleep
No begging or bargain
Both and I'm a fool
To whisper hope in songs
On my roads
And give the best so cheap
It's free
While the heart breaks and brakes


Quietly the heater hums
Tonight's sweat into dry sleep

Someone who is here more
Than never
While I look not thinking among
The crowds and see if it's a
Heart throbbing again
With butterflies utterly
Breathless and scared of caring

It's not a hook or a ring
It's a presence

Paths move with steps
Steps move on
Paths linger
To stop the story
Until it's really 
True sorries
And no worries
Or fangs to 
Say bitch and the woman leaves
While the dog waits
For a walk and drips of loyal
Say bitch and the woman goes
Off the screen
Into the kennel


Cut down trees
Are not axe callers

Memory and presents
Go down the gutters
Of so cheap it's free
My life was here free
And still is

Give and take we are 
Your light flowers so true
I thank you for your twists about
Some fear we share too

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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