net dig



As unknown as present, glimpses
Of what could have been or could be
You keep me all company
When I let off my guard.

Exhausted, I wake up looking at you
Happy, I see you shine so bright
While being more than a bit unaware of it.
I don't like your tears or fears
I don't like mine either
Like a long gone dream, worn-out by too much
You're here but not 
And that is just fine, sometimes.

Window drops, the sky has cleared the air
I drop - so tired under over done
Flute played as perfume from the street, flowers
At balcony

News tears daily life eggshells breaking
It's awful, day after day.
Since when have we so much drama to offer
Is not for the flute at balcony, nearly silent now

Dreaming of making a cake
And sleeping with you safe and sound,
Very simple.
Like flowers after rain.

In a net of memories,
I hope you're free and happy
While I look for scissors and a knife.
Turtle swims and goes to my stone feet
Not moving,
Caught in a net of memories.
Elephant digs amnesia
Finds questions and walks
- thankfully

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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