To walk in mud as a dirty beggar knocking on uncertain doors is a closed story-door and such a wait. The same beggar shines when smiling to welcoming fellow stars.

Another story, involving a lot of prayer.

I once saw a caterpillar that was more of a greenyelloswan than a bug. It didn’t know it, really, which was all the more touching. I bet it’s close to be a butterfly by now, or giving durable butterflies in quite a few stomachs. Hopefully happy and well, not covered in mud and busy knocking on closed doors. Maybe having forgiven me for not having been able to show it the butterfly that was already there, in the caterpillar that was more of a greenyelloswan than a bug, while I was loosing myself in mud.

Swept I go, keeping it in mind to avoid stepping on greenyelloswans as we dance away from ourselves.

Who knows who we are, when lost.



”As for suffering I do not wish even the slightest;

as for happiness I am never satisfied.

In this, there is no difference between others and me.

Bless me so I may take joy in others’ happiness.”

– Panchen Lama


Such a goal, in between posts.





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Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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