tardigrade no.thing





Hellohowareyou & Rights, 

How how how howls
how you, we are not fine.
Get used to it, think
no help 'cause nothing can be done.
Kick balls hole, wrong, not whole
(so sure to fear more if so).
Get used to it, say
no help 'cause nothing can be done
but to accept and toy, let 
Get used to it, do.

While children-like whatarethey play 
kill and die, a hit, 
Sitting Sh*t praises the or some
destroyed dead and suicidal
to smell less fake flower today.
Something breaks.

Better nicer 
so much better
when patience grows
and to kill is avoided, 
even when broken.
Ice melts in heart, 
mind it moves
the not too late
to beat beat beat beat beat 
blocks. Build.

Something loves, again.

This tardigrade love, life 
brings us 
as enemies, friends, 
and opportunities 
for equanimity 
(at best) 
love is what keeps us 






For an image of life and death
consider ice and water
water freezes into ice
ice melts back into water
what dies must live again
what lives is bound to die
ice and water don’t harm each other
both life and death are fine

Han Shan

The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain (Translated by Red Pine)



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Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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