uiet lives in a symphony
entrepreneurs of empty noise 
producing local silence 
to avoid loud stress and lows 
laws non symphonic tither 
(is it all about human solos is it is it)

oceans on a 
'take it easy with the noisy instruments' 
(not to be a desert) 
oceans of compassion - fugue 
in utopi

Shame and guilt get the be(a)st out of us 
While days tire with sleepless nights.
Melting knots.

melting knots


“We have turned the world into a workshop to provide ourselves with toys. To purchase luxury we have sold our ease.”

– Jerome K Jerome





”In this world without quiet corners, there can be no easy escapes… from hullabaloo, from terrible, unquiet fuss.”

– Salman Rushdie

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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