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On my way to a second hand bookshop, I didn’t intend to meet them. At the end of the street, the end of the march was walking.

A bit like listening to ‘Imagine’ (J. Lennon), except for it being the future actually going for it today.

The ‘kids’ were going to class after, at least those seen on a tram after, loudly discussing about ‘class affairs’ and the school being open at noon time. In the middle of winter, time for them to get warm after their changing-the-world moment. Their warm up.






Other lyrics go…

You’ve done it all, you’ve broken every code
And pulled the rebel to the floor
You spoilt the game, no matter what you say
For only metal, what a bore.

Blue eyes, blue eyes, how come you tell so many lies ?

Come up and see me, make me smile
Or do what you want, runnin’ wild.

There’s nothing left, all gone and run away
Maybe you’ll tarry for a while
It’s just a test, a game for us to play
Win or lose, it’s hard to smile.



Resist, resist, it’s from yourself you have to hide.

Oh, come up and see me, make me smile
Oh, or do what you want, runnin’ wild.

There ain’t no more, you’ve taken everything
From my belief in Mother Earth
Can you ignore my faith in everything ?
‘Cause I know what faith is and what it’s worth.

Away, away, and don’t say maybe you’ll try.



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