whatever happens (again)

Man has not one and the same life. 
He has many lives, placed end to end, and that is the cause of his misery.

- Chateaubriand






Whatever happens, please don’t piss on chickens.




"Hallelujah: to the red caps."

Did you just say we were saved from ourselves?

Or did you blurt a mesmerized crowd?

Did you just point your finger at guilty birds of prey?

Or did you take their loot with a whip?

Did you just see a shark in your bath?

Or did you have an Ordinary Magnus dream?

Are you insane or true?

Like any one of us, you open your mouth

To hate, 






And lust

All melted in a beautiful tool:

Your heart, heart, wart is a fungus on our feet.

(2003 – 2019)




Look at the true nature of harm itself.
It is as ungraspable as writing on water.

Let resentment vanish of its own accord,
and as soon as the fiery waves of thought subside,
let everything become like an empty sky,
where there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

- Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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