Today I bought a watch





No charger for an empty phone,
I was afraid to miss a train
and end up sleeping under a damp cold tree
- Today I bought a watch.

As I sat waiting for the poets
I thought about time passing by
and being so broken I could die.
The words poured and through
my dull skull, I felt
another day to come as 
a sun rising
before closing my listening eyes.
Today I bought a watch.
It's waterproof and cheap
enough to loose or forget
that I haven't had a watch
for a decade or so.
Today I bought a watch.

Ghosts show what's dead 
in us - is it in a reality bite?




For the sticky invisible guns:





“When we speak of mind, the aware mind – with its many ceaseless thoughts – is not the ultimate mind. But once these thoughts have cleared away, there is left the true, ultimate mind whose essential nature is empty, whose natural expression is luminosity, and whose manifestation is all-pervading compassion.”

– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche




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