elephant tide

Wave of a generation goes by in a day
On the other side old age awaits
It’s not years anymore
It’s decades
as the mountains grow

Memory leaves cover my body
in pale green and pink
but I still forget and remember
what I shouldn’t

When I see a fellow abusing others,
I think of a man with a basketful of water.
As fast as he can, he runs with it home,
But when he gets there, what’s left in the basket?
When I see a man being abused by others,
I think of the leek growing in the garden.
Day after day men pull off the leaves,
But the heart it was born with stays the same.

– Han-shan (Cold Mountain)


“If we leave the tops of our mountains, if we look for compromises, arrangements, pardons, it will all be over; if our conscience falls silent, we won’t be able to resist the slippery slope.”

– Varlam Shalamov

For Sasha (9/11/2012).

Published by chameleoniantimes

Chameleonian Times, works by Helene Vanderhulst

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