Patient(s) Learning Patience

what would it be like to be free
what would it be like to be free



(out/in)siders out the taking sides inside window


Some advise to throw trips and problems ‘out the window’ if they’re not useful, to consider them as a bug in the system, focus on solutions – and no further big (waste of time and energy) deal, because we are the ones who can change ourselves and our trips, from the inside. Trips are not people. So when it’s people ‘out the window’, or to be considered as ‘out the window’, then we’ve a got a bad trip, a problem, a bug in the system to be thrown ‘out the window’. Not people.

If it’s people ‘out the window’ because of peace reasons or a goal that makes people and their well-being less important than the goal, maybe as in allowing each other ‘room to be the best we can’, it’s real peace when there are no doubts about it being well-meaning, when it’s considered as an option by both parties in a safe environment and expressed as such in a form of respectful dialogue. Imposed, with some kind of threat still present or not clarified, not expressed as ‘room for improvement’ and ‘becoming independent’ but just as ‘out the window’, it can be plain abandonment (maybe at best). As one of the ‘we’ is in distress and asks for help ‘out the window’, doubts fade away. Shared peace in such conditions is as much of an illusion as the reality of a ‘we’ that might not have existed in the first place in the minds of the ones throwing people ‘out the window’, for their perceived peace reasons, for their peace and their goal. In other words: it’s bullsh*t.

“Outsiders prioritise their freedom to speak their version of the truth. The price is that they are ignored by the insiders, who make the important decisions.” (Larry Summers)

Swimming in the same water, ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ seems quite irrelevant. Even more so if the water is dirty and we have the cleaning option, for the benefit of all swimmers. Put some ‘dirty’ fish in a corner, ‘out the window’, and they’ll end up dirtying the other ‘clean’ fish – be it as fish corpses or fish swimming in water they, or all of them, might not be aware of, asking themselves if water actually exists.



It takes every kind of fish to make the bowl go round

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